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Bicycle with 3 gears. Various options possible

Mountainbike / ATB

Mountainbike / ATB 26'' of 27,5'' (one size, adjustable seating)

Waterbottle (for sale)

Waterbottle (no rent, sale only)

Electric Bike

Electric Bike with frontwheel engine - 50/60km on one batterycharge

Children's bike 16 inch

Children's bike 16 inch (clothing size approx. 104-116cm) (inside leg length 54-56cm) with or without sidewheels

Children's bike 20 inch

Children's bicycle 20 inch (clothing size approx. 116-122cm) (inside leg length 60-69cm) boys- and girls bikes

Children's bicycle 24 inch

Children's bicycle 24 inch (clothing size approx. 134-140cm) (inside leg length 74-77cm) boys- and girls bikes

Children's bicycle 26 inch

Children's bicycle 26 inch (clothing size approx. 146-158cm) (inside leg length 78-81cm) boys- and girls bikes
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